Thursday, July 4, 2013

Americas Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July to everyone and especially our service members past and present. Without your service we may never have been able to celebrate this fine holiday.
Been busy doing a little work on Sal's "Iron Sail", the engine. Over the past few months I had been hearing a ticking noise from down below and figured I should go investigate. I found an exhaust leak where the exhaust bolts to the manifold. Seemed like an easy fix so I went to the boat earlier this week, took it all apart, cleaned and reassembled. I waited a day to start to let the sealant dry completely. When I did start it a few days later, the "tick" was much more faint but still there...back to the inspection process. What I found this time was a small hole in the exhaust manifold itself. So last night I went down to the boat and did what any sailor desperate and broke sailor would do.........gooped up the hole with JB Weld!!! We are headed out sailing this afternoon so we will see if she will hold. Either way, I will need a replacement manifold. I have a used one here at the house that I will begin to clean and see if I can salvage, if not I will need a new one. Good thing is that it is not a show stopper as far as going day sailing.
After I finished filling in the hole last night I enjoyed a nice evening alone on the boat. The weather had finally cleared and I had a few hours to kill, so I did just that...wasted 2 hours doing nothing but enjoying the sights and relaxing from the cockpit. Here are a few shots I sent to the first mate while she was working.
We will be headed out for a sail today, hopefully exhaust leak will be fixed. Either way I am going to go out and enjoy the day with first mate and friends! Happy 4th everyone!

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