Saturday, April 4, 2015

(Boat) Traffic Everywhere

A look down the Elizabeth River. 
Most times you won't see anything at all when passing by it in a car, but working out on the river is a different story. Tugs, tankers and pleasure craft seem to be everywhere. The ferry I pilot on the weekends is not very nimble, nor is it very fast and I try to stay out of the way because these work boats are even less maneuverable.
 Below are some pics of the river traffic I encounter.

These pics are just a few examples of what it looks like when working out on the river. When a boat is close by, I'll keep the ferry at the dock and let them pass. This removes any guess-work for both myself and the other pilots. And besides, I enjoy watching these boats.

Not much happening in the way of sailboat refitting. I did begin the process of getting Sal ready. I washed her decks down and vacuumed all the nooks and crannies. She got quite dirty last fall; every leaf that fell from our willow trees made its way onto her decks. I tried to keep up with cleaning them off but was quickly overcome. I gave up until her shelter was in place then went to work. Here are a few pictures of what she looks like today:

I have also rigged a lighting system within the tent, to illuminate the workspace during nighttime work. 
Now she is just waiting for us to get started. I am formulating a plan. 

Thank you for following and stay tuned!