Saturday, November 29, 2014

We are still alive and kicking! Alberg 30 refit coming soon!

We are still here and doing well. Unfortunately we have been very busy, and as a result have not kept up with the blog. There are a few reasons for that; the first being that my computer is limping along after having coffee spilled on it. I have it up and working but it is not very easy to use (requires an auxillary keyboard, an auxillary fan for starters). Another problem is that someone stole my Canon T2i. I admit that I was careless in leaving it on the dock the day I motored Sal around the corner to the next marina to be hauled. When I remembered that I had left it on the dock about 30 minutes later, I went back to look and it was already gone. Some asshole at Bay Point Marina had stolen it off the dock. I put signs up asking for it to be returned and informed the office in case it was turned in...but of course it has not found its way home. After these 2 electronic setbacks I took a break from posting. It has been on my mind but I just never could get myself around to it. I hope to replace the camera soon but for now I'm just using the cell phone for photos. Fortunately, they're pretty hi-tech these days:

This stunning photo was taken with the camera on my phone. It's a beautiful sunset across the Elizabeth River, which is a pretty typical view during my shift on the ferry.

The first mate and I have been busy learning and testing for additional new skills that will hopefully help us earn a small living when we set sail on Salacia. The first mate completed her personal trainer certification, which will complement her yoga teaching, and allow her to coach others toward health and wellness. She enjoys it, and hopes to find a way of sharing the love of physical activity with others. 
And I have finally completed my captain's license. I am now a 100T Master Near Coastal with Sailing Endorsement Inland. This is a big accomplishment for me. I worked for quite a while getting all the paperwork straight, not to mention the years at sea beforehand. I had quite a bit more sea time than what was required for the license. It finally came in last Friday. I hope to continue working the ferry and possibly even assume a shift as a captain soon. In the meantime, I have been working a lot of weekends as a deckhand to put money into the refit fund.

I'm legit!

The unfortunate part of us being so busy is that we have not done very much with Sal in a few months. She is patiently waiting for her refit to begin. I hope it will begin soon. I am working now to procure all the parts to build a 14'x40' shelter over her. Getting her under shelter is priority one! This will allow me to refinish decks, hatches and just about any other work that will require her to stay dry.
 I have been thinking a lot about where to start. I think I am going to tackle the interior, then the deck and finally the hull, in that order. At least that's the plan for now. I am still pondering repowering her, and I have noticed that her rudder needs some basically a complete refit will be in order. This is just fine with us because we have the time and spreading the work out will allow us to fund the project. When she is complete we will have a better-than-new Alberg 30.

Tall Ship Godspeed docked at waterside near mile marker zero on ICW a few weeks ago.

I will be posting more often and I hope to get the electronic situation under control here in the next month (it's yet ONE MORE unexpected expense added to the pile...ugh).