Monday, June 23, 2014

Too Many Pokers

Over the last couple of months since completing Sal's trailer, I feel as though I have become stretched too thin. I have yet to get our Alberg 30 out of the water. This is starting to concern me. It seems with each passing day I get busier and busier. I have taken on a part time job as a deckhand to add hours to my 100T captain's license. I am constantly volunteering my services to help a few friends repair engines that need rebuilding. Along with a few other obligations and a full time job, I am just busy; too busy. As the old saying goes I have too many pokers in the fire!
As I lay in bed last night I was considering what can I do to regain control and the answer is quite simple. Focus...focus on one thing at a time. 
We will get Salacia out of the water. Once I do I want to make sure that I have a clear plate to ensure that she gets finished in a timely manner. So I just need to to buckle down, clear some of these projects I have already started, and then learn to say no to any new ones for the time being. 

Wheel house of the ferry where I've been deck-handing; hope to be the captain soon : )

Paddle wheel of the ferry. They are relatively small ferries (67 tons,150 passengers) but they will be a good starting ground for working as a paid captain.

I am working this part time job to boost my experience as a captain and log sea hours. First mate and I are working toward becoming cruisers. We are not wealthy by any means, and so we will have to earn money along the way. I am hoping that with this license I will be able to find work in port. First mate has already done her part by becoming a yoga instructor, and is growing her skills by teaching a couple of classes a week. We are hoping that with these two occupations we can earn money during our journeys to distant places.
Stay tuned- Soon enough Old Sal's refit will begin!