Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thinking of warmer times

No trailer progress to report, the cold has settled back in this week. Snow flurries yesterday and a few more today have halted all outside projects. Tomorrow's high temperatures are only supposed to reach high 20's. The thought of that gives me chills. To combat this frigid weather I am looking at pictures of our previous Adventures aboard Salacia. 

Schooner Virginia passing us as we sail out of Little Creek on Chesapeake Bay

First mate headed down the docks as we return from a nice sail

A steady course with a 10kt breeze, very refreshing!

Ok, back to is cold. It's going to continue to be cold for at least the next 3 or 4 days. I hope to get back to work on the trailer this weekend.
Stay Warm!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Progress on Alberg 30 Trailer

Made some progress on the trailer this weekend. Here are a few shots of the modifications:

New trailer jack, old one was seized up

Old rollers cut off and cross members added where most of Sal's weight will be centered. Cross Members ar 4X6X .375 angle, pretty heavy duty.

All cross members added, working on marking up keel support

3x2x .250 angle will tie all  5 cross members together to help spread weight out, keel will rest on 2x10 

Work will continue this week weather permitting. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Trailer for Alberg 30 Salacia

I mentioned in earlier posts that I would be working on a trailer for our Sal so we can get her to the house for a refit. Our goal is to make her more seaworthy and a more comfortable liveaboard.  
Well, the weather has finally broken enough to get started. Below are a few pics of the work:

Trailer the day I picked it up

Starting by removing the makeshift fenders. I will use these for additional keel support.

One fender removed

My main goal over the next week is to build up the trailer's crossmembers to support Sal's hefty weight, so I needed to find out what her keel dimensions are; more specifically keel width and length. I turned to the internet and found plenty of info on Alberg 30 trailers....but nothing that contained the exact data I was looking for. I emailed James Baldwin of, known for his two circumnavigations on a Pearson Triton, as well as his plastic classic refitting. He quickly emailed me back and offered very close-up pictures and a sketch to help me with the Alberg 30 keel dimensions. Thank you James! 

New material sitting on trailer awaiting placement and welding.

This week I picked up some material to begin the keel support. Stay tuned for more info on the trailer build.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spring is Around the Corner....I Hope

Hello everyone, I am writing today with not much to say about anything. The truth is not much at all is going on. The main reason for this has been the weather. I have lived in Virginia now for 18 years and this is by far the coldest and longest winter I can remember. It has snowed here twice in 2 weeks, first time was 3" and last time was 11". I know it does not sound like much but truth be told, with just one inch of snow here businesses are closed and roads are a mess. This last storm cancelled school for 3 days! When it is not snowing or raining, it has just been cold....highs only in mid 30's and lows in the 20's, teens even. A typical winter for most up north but very unlike any I have experienced here before.
This current weather has put a damper on making progress in getting our boat trailer ready. Its been too cold to sail and really just plain miserable to be outside. I have been down to the docks to pay Sal a weekly visit, but in truth it really isn't enough. She is not looking very well kept, and even seems downright grungy. I am hoping for a break in the weather to at least get her decks washed and her sides scrubbed. That would make me (and her) feel a lot better.
I have been going over the plans of her refit in my head and wondering just how far we want to go. I want to ensure that the project does not get out of control and overwhelming. I am determined to make her a better, safer and more efficient cruiser without getting in over my head. I have watched others become overtaken by such projects, and am determined that this will not happen here. Most important will be cost control, so on long cold days I am often thinking of ways to turn her into a voyager without breaking the bank. All of this thinking is helpful but I find myself getting antsy. I want to get her home and I want to get started.
In staying positive, the winter here usually breaks in 3-4 weeks so I am counting the days until March. 
Come On March!!!

My 66 VW Beetle in our driveway
last Wednesday, Jan 29, 2014

This is how he copes with winter....actually this is how he copes with everything!