Friday, February 21, 2014

Trailer for Alberg 30 Salacia

I mentioned in earlier posts that I would be working on a trailer for our Sal so we can get her to the house for a refit. Our goal is to make her more seaworthy and a more comfortable liveaboard.  
Well, the weather has finally broken enough to get started. Below are a few pics of the work:

Trailer the day I picked it up

Starting by removing the makeshift fenders. I will use these for additional keel support.

One fender removed

My main goal over the next week is to build up the trailer's crossmembers to support Sal's hefty weight, so I needed to find out what her keel dimensions are; more specifically keel width and length. I turned to the internet and found plenty of info on Alberg 30 trailers....but nothing that contained the exact data I was looking for. I emailed James Baldwin of, known for his two circumnavigations on a Pearson Triton, as well as his plastic classic refitting. He quickly emailed me back and offered very close-up pictures and a sketch to help me with the Alberg 30 keel dimensions. Thank you James! 

New material sitting on trailer awaiting placement and welding.

This week I picked up some material to begin the keel support. Stay tuned for more info on the trailer build.


  1. Once upon a time I replaced two axles on a trailer and beefed up the support structure for a 1979 SeaRay 24' cabin cruiser... it worked like a champ, until I dropped the motor in the boat. Then the center of gravity was off and not enough tongue weight for the truck. I realized my mistake transporting the boat back to Fall River as the boat/trailer almost fishtailed me off of the Rt. 79 spaghetti ramps. Good Times.

  2. Keep up the great work! James is an invaluable resource for the work you are tackling. I look forward to reading about the progress of the refit/overhaul of Sal.

    1. Thanks Tim, James has been a big help and a great resource for sure. What type of boat is that in you avatar?

  3. It's a 1972 Alberg 30 #499! She's been under the care of James and Mei for some time and will hopefully be back in the water this season after over two years on the hard.