Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer is just about gone

And good riddance! While I enjoy nice weather I am not a big fan of anything over 70 degrees especially if the sun is shining. Great thing about summer winding down is that it means the temperature will be as well. Great for everything outdoors.
I know the blog has been a little slow lately and that is mainly due to life getting in the way. My new job has me working some crazy shifts and sometimes long hours. While this may seem like a step in the wrong direction for becoming a cruiser it really isn't. This job has relieved me of a lot stress that was present at my last job and now that I am a few months in, I am starting to get a routine down. This has allowed for more sailing.
Another new development in our adventures is that I am working towards my 100 ton Captain license. I am attending the local maritime school at night. I have most of all the prerequisites complete and just need to pass the exams. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have my captain's license completed. I am obtaining this with the hopes of being able to get summer work in ports while traveling and cruising the US. We'll see, either way it is always good to have on the resume.
First Mate and I are starting to plan an extended stay on our Sal for early October. We will keep you guys posted on our plans and adventure as it gets closer.

Out for a sail last week.