Saturday, April 4, 2015

(Boat) Traffic Everywhere

A look down the Elizabeth River. 
Most times you won't see anything at all when passing by it in a car, but working out on the river is a different story. Tugs, tankers and pleasure craft seem to be everywhere. The ferry I pilot on the weekends is not very nimble, nor is it very fast and I try to stay out of the way because these work boats are even less maneuverable.
 Below are some pics of the river traffic I encounter.

These pics are just a few examples of what it looks like when working out on the river. When a boat is close by, I'll keep the ferry at the dock and let them pass. This removes any guess-work for both myself and the other pilots. And besides, I enjoy watching these boats.

Not much happening in the way of sailboat refitting. I did begin the process of getting Sal ready. I washed her decks down and vacuumed all the nooks and crannies. She got quite dirty last fall; every leaf that fell from our willow trees made its way onto her decks. I tried to keep up with cleaning them off but was quickly overcome. I gave up until her shelter was in place then went to work. Here are a few pictures of what she looks like today:

I have also rigged a lighting system within the tent, to illuminate the workspace during nighttime work. 
Now she is just waiting for us to get started. I am formulating a plan. 

Thank you for following and stay tuned!


  1. Welcome back online Jason. I guess you fixed or replaced your computer. I envy you. I wish there were more opportunities for work on the water here in Utah. Actually, just more water here in Utah would be nice. I can't wait to see what's next for Sal. Keep us posted.

  2. Thanks Chip! First mate speaking here: someone got a brand new laptop for his birthday! He has important work to do aand and needs his computer. And besides, it was me who destroyed the last one by dousing it with coffee, so it's the least I can do...