Tuesday, June 18, 2013

San Francisco Bay-type wind on the Chesapeake!

Finally we had a good wind with solid breeze on the Chesapeake Bay, San Francisco Bay type wind! A steady 20 kts, gusting to 25kts all day. We took a few family members out with us for their first sail ever. It was a great time. Our old Alberg 30 really shines in this wind; supposedly her designer Carl Alberg had typical San Francisco Bay conditions in mind when forming her lines. The way she is shaped (narrow beam, hourglass figure, full keel) causes her to handle and ride more comfortably than many other sailboats. She's not the fastest by any means, but a sturdy, smooth ride is worth the loss of some speed. We fitted Sal with the large 140 genoa and deep reefed main sail and she maintained 6-7kts the whole day. Great Sail!
 Second reef in the main
 Jen and Christina enjoying their first sail!
First Mate getting her feet wet and enjoying the great conditions

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