Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update on the "tick"

In my last post I told you about an exhaust leak I had in my engine compartment. I am happy to report back that the JB Weld held for our day sail on the 4th of July. No more exhaust leak! Our good old Atomic 4 is back to her quiet self. We motored a bit more than usual and all seemed well. Now I know its not a permanent fix but I am going to leave it alone for now while I look for another exhaust manifold. Other than that pretty much the same ole grind. Looking forward to a day sail today with the first mate and possibly doing a little sailboat racing on someone else's boat this afternoon. A dockmate of mine invited me to go out on his racer. He said just show up at the dock at 5:30 and hop on....Hopefully I will report back with good news of my racing experience

 Sal's trusty Atomic 4

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