Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Landing State Park

   My wife and I are looking for an adventurous future on the open sea and in foreign ports. We want to travel to distant places, meet new and different people. Many times while thinking of far off places we forget about the things that are right around the corner. I really think this is the case with First Landing State Park in VA Beach, Va. This is a beautiful place that offers many different landscapes and activities. It varies from swamps to ocean front beaches and inland waterways. We visited this great state park during a recent visit from our wonderful cousin, Christina, from  NY. You can see from the pictures below that this place has a beauty all its own.
  This is a swamp but is was absolutely beautiful. Look at all that green and the great reflections! All the rain this May has helped create this, I am sure that by August when this turns into a mosquito stomping ground it will not appear as nice.

A nice little inland waterway often explored by kayakers
And yes, that is a helicopter! Entirely too much money!!!!

Christina and Crystal!
Not in the park but this is a good picture of two beautiful and amazing ladies!

The water is still very cold and my crazy wife decided to not only put her feet in but go ahead for a quick dunk! Look how clear the waters are! Gorgeous!

The approach to the narrows on Broad Bay.

First Landing State Park has a great boat and jet ski launch, usually a very busy place in the summer!

My little athlete stopping for a minute to pose for a picture and let everyone else catch their breath!
The ladies out on one of many foot and bicycle trails located throughout the park. This a great park for someone looking to get some exercise off the beaten path!
  There are many great places like this in your backyard, so get out there and enjoy them. Yes, we are sailors looking to get away from it all and enjoy life and each other. While we wait for our cruising plan to mature we are going to get out and enjoy everything around us! So join us wherever you are get out there and enjoy mother nature!

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  1. These are the types of adventures we hope to find in each port we visit with our Sal!