Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Children, well sorta

This is Boost, he's an asshole and a bully! He hates feet!

and this is what he does, I would venture to say he's a champion at his chosen profession!

Here is our little gentleman, Fred. He is the calmest of all our "children"

Here is Chynna, we'd let her say hi, but she'd pee everywhere. She is a bundle of nerves. Here she is playing her favorite game!

And then there is Nitrous, we claim him. But in his mind he is just staying with us until the food runs out. He's the survivalist of the group. Atomic bomb, bring it....he'll live off the cockroaches!

And of course , there is Max. He was our first. He was a licker and loved to swim. Unfortunately, we lost Max to cancer back in Nov '11.

This is our immediate family, yes we have grandmas, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces and cousins that we love very much, but these guys are our children. They are wonderful companions and each one is an individual. They all love their treats! And yes they love to eat! Breakfast and dinner are their favorite times of the day! Yep, they are funny and we love 'em! These guys are the reason we have not yet at least become liveaboards. We realize that they will not all fit, even one of them would make the small living space of an Alberg 30 seem even smaller. This is why we don't plan on moving aboard for several more years. This will allow us to continue refitting Sal, while sailing her and spending quality time wih our pups. All part of our original master plan.


  1. Aww... :)

    I bet their food needs would take up the entire lazzertte and half a cockpit locker! I could just see the 40 pound bags of food getting all wet and...yuk! lol..

    Cute family though :) we're both real suckers for the animals and it's a wonder we didn't wind up with a large litter ourselves. Just one bird luckily..


    1. yes and then some! These guys eat 48 lbs of food every 10-14days plus 1 large can of wet food each day split among them. So not only taking up valuable space but also very expensive! We have a soft spot for animals too.