Friday, April 6, 2012

From the Top!

I am going to write this blog a bit out of order. I am going to start way back at the beginning and how we came to start this adventure. I will tell the story of how our Salacia was choosen to be our home and the adventures that got us to the current day and time. Once we reach the current day on the blog, we will fill you in on our journey as we are enjoying it. I will post random pictures of us, our family and of course our Sal along the way to keep things stay tuned!

This is a picture of the two lovely ladies in my life! This picture was taken before Salacia was ours. This shot( a favorite of mine) was taken the day we first visited Sal in Feb '11 for our inital inspection in Oriental, NC. Of course, Crystal and I fell in love with her and knew she would be ours and now she is! Stay tuned for the funny story that needs to be told about the day we saw Sal for the first time!

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