Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Fog!

Not sure if you have ever experienced being on a boat in the fog, but if you haven't let me tell you- consider yourself lucky. I have been underway in the fog on many occasions and it has never been fun. I was reminded of that today as we got underway on the ferry. It was eerily quiet, and there was not a breath of wind. I listened closely, and had my deckhand helping as a lookout. Today I had to depend on technology more than I'd like to, using the radar and AIS to ensure the channel was clear. It worked, but there is nothing more accurate than my eyes except, perhaps, the radar in the dense fog. Today's fog only lasted for about an hour before clearing out, but that hour felt like three. Below are a few pics from the wheel house.

Looking north on the Elizabeth River, you can see the fog was really low....only about 30-50 ft off the water.

Looking south on the Elizabeth River, one can barely make out the tops of shipyard boats rising out of the ghostly fog.

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