Thursday, April 3, 2014

Alberg 30 Trailer Coming Along- Almost Finished Construction

The weather here in Virginia has finally broken. We are now seeing the type of weather one would expect to see for spring, now that the temperature is up and it is not raining. I have been able to get quite a bit done on the trailer. 

Finally got some new tires for trailer. One more thing I can scratch off the to-do list. These 8x14.5 tires are not easy to find - I had to travel a few towns over. I repainted the rims and they look pretty good mounted to the reconditioned hubs. She's starting to look like something!

Back on the street! Yard is still quite wet...definitely too wet to lay on so I moved the operation to the street.

She's a long one. This Alberg 30 trailer is just a tad too long for my driveway.

All welding equipment ready to go. This day I completed a lot of the finish welding. Most of the added beam and keel supports were just tacked using the small MIG welder. I arc welded all the main supports and trailer tongue.

I also added some nice D rings. I have added 4 so far. I will add two more once I have the boat on the trailer. This way I can place them exactly where they will be needed. These small details take time, but in the end it will make for a very nice trailer.

I should be able to make more progress over the next few days. The weather is supposed to hold out through the weekend. If it does, I might have the trailer nearly finished. 

Still to do:
  • Wiring
  • Sand trailer
  • Paint....
  • Go get Salacia!


  1. Welding is one of those skills I've wanted to pick up for a while. The D rings are a nice addition. The weld joints look very nice. Hope the weather continues to hold up for you.

  2. Dan,
    Welding is a very useful skill. I know just enough to stick 2 pieces of metal together....It looks like the weather will be quite nice for at least 3 more day. I am hoping to paint some of the trailer...we'll see. May take a day and go sailing!
    Thank you for following along