Sunday, March 23, 2014

Giving in...just a little

I have come to rationalization that getting Salacia out of the water is just not going to happen by the end of March. The weather has yet again taken a turn for the worst, and I have my real job requiring me to put in some overtime. I began to get very stressed out about getting the trailer completed by the end of this month. Our sailing adventures (even the building of a trailer for our Alberg 30) are not supposed to be stressful. Due to the combination of stress, weather and time (not to mention the fact that the trailer still needs some work) I have decided to keep Sal in the water through April.
On a good note, we did have a few temperate days this week and I took advantage. I installed the new fenders I purchased last week and I began drilling the holes for all the lights. 
Adding fenders to the trailer. 

I painted the fenders black when I was done with them. 
I did not want the bare metal to get rusty so after all the fabrication work I did a little painting. Prior to paint application, the First Mate helped sand the fenders to give the paint something to stick to. We'll also paint the entire trailer to match before it's finished.

Still needing to be completed on the trailer:
  • Final welding of all main structural support
  • Wiring
  • Tires
  • More Painting


  1. Great job Jason..don't stress..It was all come together..doing things right will save you from stress you both xoxo

    1. Thanks mom....all this horrible weather has really been what has caused the delay and led to the stress. I see you and especially the cape are in for another round of snow! Have fun and love you guys too

  2. I can understand the stresses and the demands of work.

    Even though it's not working out as planned, hopefully the extra time will help you out in the long run. No need to rush things. Best to make sure things are done right the first time around. The black fenders do look pretty good.

    1. I agree completely. At first I was just going to make the trailer good enough to get the boat home. After careful though I decided to just do it right and make it completely legal.