Monday, November 11, 2013

Great sail yesterday

Finally got of the dock yesterday. It was a great day for a sail. Outside temps were mid to upper 60's and wind was out of the west south west at steady 17knots with gusts to 20-23knots. It made the bay a bit rough but nothing too terrible. Here a few shots from the GoPro from the day.

A bit choppy on the Chessie yesterday...these are the conditions Sal likes best!

Is the camera on? yep seems so

First mate a bit over dressed for the occasion

reefed main and working jib seemed about right yesterday for a nice day sail

Putting things back where they belong after a good day out on the water


  1. Looks like fun. Always cool to see people enjoying their boat - especially when she's an Alberg design. Just an observation: it looks like your reefing lines along the boom are taking strain. A proper reef setup should use two heavy cringles - one at the luff and one at the leech - to pull the main down and aft when reefed. The reefing lines toward the center of the boom are just to collect and gather the excess sailcloth. They shouldn't be taking any strain - hence the creases radiating into the belly of the sail.
    I've got an A30 sitting in my driveway. I'd love to be on the water!

  2. Thank you, I realized that after we started sailing, I put the reef in before leaving the dock. I didnt have the cringle tight on my reefing line...yesterday was a blast, my A30 loves 20kts of wind

    love the Alberg designs, thanks again do you have a blog? are you a follwer?


  3. I figured you were aware but didn't know for sure - always a gamble online.

    I'm not a follower, but I check in pretty regularly to see what you guys are up to. There aren't a lot of A30 blogs out there. I've got an A30 blog that gets updated when I do work, which isn't very frequent, unfortunately:

    I also have a blog for our other boat, a CD36:
    This one gets updated a tad more frequently. The CD36 really likes it when the wind pipes up, too.

    Keep having fun!