Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Go with what you have- An Alberg 30

If you don't know by now, all boats are a compromise. Some shine at certain things and fall short on others. There is always a great debate on which boat is right for this or that. There are many opinions on the subject; just look at any internet forum. My best advice is go with what makes you feel safe, secure and comfortable. But opinions are like assholes: Everyone has one...and they usually stink. 
That being said, I am a firm believer that you should go cruising or sailing with what you can afford. I also believe in go-small-go-now; hence, my reason for buying the trusty old Alberg 30. She is slow, with a primitive inside cabin but I'm confident that she has been there/done that. If I had the money would I have a different boat but it would probably just be a larger version of the same old slow, primitive boat. I love the look of older classic sailboats, and most importantly I get that warm fuzzy inside when sailing with a full keel boat.
I have attached a link to a video of Matt Rutherford where he talks about his circumnavigation of the Americas. In the video he talks about preparing, sailing and traveling on a small 27ft classic sailboat. He says go with what you have or you'll never go. I agree

Link to video

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