Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quiet Christmas Day

I wanted to post these after making a trip to the marina Christmas morning and a great dinner but because my computer was sick I had to wait to get the pictures. Here are a few shots from a quiet peaceful Christmas.


It was a great day, while we were sad not to spend it with family, we did spend it it with some great friends, the Lisco's. A wonderful family who welcomes us into their home during holidays to enjoy wonderful food and laughs. Thank you guys!

A few shots from a quiet and peaceful marina. Earlier in the day before dinner I went to the marina to see how Sal was. It was a chance for me to reflect how good I have it. A couple of years earlier Sal and cruising was just a dream. In 2010 Crystal and I walked these very docks looking at boats and dreaming of someday owning and cruising on a sailboat. I am very happy and grateful that 2 years later we have our Sal and are working towards our goal of cruising. I would like to say I am grateful for all those that have helped up to this point. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas.

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