Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Classic Tough Salty Cruiser

   I tend to favor smaller older sailboats. I think the reason why is because of where I was brought up: New England, Cape Cod in particular. I love the look of Albergs, Cape Dorys, Westsails, Bristol Channel Cutters, and the list goes on. I admire these boats for not only their aesthetic but also for their ruggedness and reputation. One boat has stuck in my mind since I first saw it. A Pearson Triton, Berhia, belonging to Neil and Laurie Racicot. This boat caught my eye one day while walking the streets of Oriental. She just looked seaworthy and tough, and best of all, small.

   While standing there telling my wife how much I admired this boat and all the the little things that made her look the way she did, the owners showed up. Neil and Laurie were great people and young like us. We had just met people who were doing what we wanted to do. It was exciting and I wanted to hear about how they had made such a seaworthy vessel. Turns out they built her from a boat that had sunk! They turned this once-sunk boat into a vessel capable of taking her crew anywhere they wanted to go. Here is a link to their build up and adventure across the Atlantic: http://berhia.wordpress.com. Of all the things I like about this boat, the one thing that has stuck with me was it was simple!

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