Sunday, June 17, 2012

On to Manteo, NC (leg 2)

I am sorry for the long delay in posts, sometime other things take priority. I am back and will get back on track.

     So, to return to Sal's maiden voyage (with us, anyway).  Day 5, now that we were all rested from a long rough first leg, we decided that we were going to take it easy and have a nice stress free cruise from Englehard, NC to Manteo, NC. This was about a 35 mile journey. It was a gorgeous day. We sailed quite a bit of the way under jib alone. Once we got to the channel that would take us to Manteo we motored another 10miles or so into the Manteo Town Marina. We tied up and went into town. It was a great relaxing day just as we had planned. Weather was perfect, wind was perfect and the company was perfect!

 Leaving Englehard on our way to Manteo. Who packed the main sail?

 Cruising to Manteo, under jib alone. No rush, just a nice easy day heading northeast on the Pamlico Sound

 It was still a bit chilly, First mate has the tiller!

Who's this guy?????

 Fisherman hard at work while being heckled by pelicans!

 My shoes still drying from the day before!

 Here we are heading under the bridge, Manteo is just on the other side.

    A beautiful sunset to cap off a truly great day

  We were able to freshen up with the great restroom facilities at the marina, and went off to in search of food. Found a quaint fabric store along the beautiful waterfront business section of the town; we also found a nice Tex-Mex restaurant with great food (that I really wish we could remember the name of!) We wandered in during the lull between lunch and dinner and the friendly staff took advantage of the quiet dining room to chat with us. Turns out they're quite accustomed to weary sailors and not only told us where the nearest grocery store was to replenish our supplies, but they actually gave us a ride there! We also found a small boat-building mueseum in the marine park that was interesting. And we were docked a stone's throw from a life-sized mock-up pirate ship that I believe is part of some display commemorating Manteo's founding. I would recommend Manteo to anyone traveling the ICW. It is a bit out of the way, but what a nice place with super-friendly people. Lots to see and do and a great marina that met all our needs. We'll definitely be back!

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  1. I must admit here for the record that it was me who packed the mainsail. Flaking was not yet in the vocab at this point, so it's a good thing we got a boat. I've always been a leaper...rarely do I look first. In retrospect, that sail looks atrocious!