Monday, June 25, 2012

G153 (Leg3)

   Day 6:  After a great day in Manteo, NC and restful night's sleep we woke up early and got on our way. We threw off the lines and headed north. We motored around to the north side of Manteo and headed for the Ablemarle Sound. As we reached the tip of the island the wind was blowing in the perfect direction for us to throw up the sails and head straight for the "Virginia Cut" entrance to the ICW, the North River. Once we reached the entrance to the river we dropped sails and headed for G153 (a green fixed channel marker, #153 in the ICW). This was where it was recommended we stay according to Captain Bob's Anchorages ( a must-have book for traveling the ICW). After about an hour of motoring we reached our anchorage, set anchor and enjoyed our evening. It was a great evening, other than a few passing tugs and barges it was very very peaceful. Another great day!

 Sails full as we head across the Ablemarle

 Winds a little light, wish we had a spinnaker or had put on a larger headsail...which we found later in the cockpit lockers!

First Mate enjoying some of the yummy lunch she cooked up for us, what a great day for a sail.

 Here we are at our anchorage

 Sun setting on us, it was a bit chilly, great for snuggling!

G153! A Great Anchorage. Passing tugs and barges coming through in the pitch black night seemingly navigated these waters with their eyes closed.

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