Monday, June 22, 2015

Alberg 30 Refit: Bottom paint removal, starboard side & a Couple of Young Cruisers

It's been really hot here the last few weeks. Humidity has accompanied the heat, and heat indexes have been well over 100 for several days now. Regardless, today I just could no longer stand not getting anything done on the boat. I suited up when I got home and started the starboard side.

I am happy to report that this side of the boat's gelcoat seems to be in much better shape. You can see that the blue gelcoat extends much further down the hull and there does not seem to be as many blemishes. What a relief!

Armed with the scraper, I got to scraping.

A little elbow grease, sweat and determination was all that was needed!

Heat and paint scraping aside, I met some like-minded cruisers yesterday. After finishing my shift on the ferry I noticed this salty-looking cruiser had pulled into the free docks in Portsmouth. I had to go over and talk to the crew. I was immediately greeted by two friendly cruisers, Andy and Anna, who were sailing their sturdy Mariner 31, Jumble. They were headed to New England from San Diego, CA. They invited me aboard (I was curious to see their stove arrangement), and I could have chatted with them all night. We exchanged blog info and I snapped this photo before heading home. Follow them at
Fair winds Guys!!! 


  1. Great! a new blog to follow! Thanks. :-)

    1. No problem. This couple was super friendly! I really love working on ferry there....many cruisers and boats travel through there each day.