Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year = Alberg 30 Refit, or something like that

With this new year coming in with quite a chill I thought I'd take the the time to let everyone know what 2014 has in store for us and Sal. 
    We will continue to go to work and live everyday life (EXTREMELY frugally). This will help us move towards freeing ourselves of the soul-crushing imprisonment of debt. It will also give us time to work on skills that will help us sustain our cruising lifestyle when we finally do go. First mate is now a 200-hour Registered Yoga Instructor and she will spend 2014 sharpening her teaching skills. We hope she can use this to earn an income while cruising. I will be working on finishing my documentation and submitting my 100-Ton Master package to the USCG. I will also be busy..very busy....because:
   We are pulling our Salacia out of the water and putting her on the hard here at the house to begin a refit. (The neighbors are going to love it) <*snicker*>. As with any other plastic classic, Sal has some issues that need to be addressed. And beyond that she was never meant to be lived on, so we will be working to turn her into a capable cruiser/live-aboard vessel for the two of us. We will not be completely gutting her and starting over but rather working with what is already there, as she is still in fairly good condition. 

The last time we had her hauled nearly 3 years ago

Some of the major concerns and minuses:
  • Delamination and soft deck issues, needs new electrical, she has some compression in mast beam area from water intrusion
  •    Strengthening of forward chainplate knees
  •    Water Tankage
  •    Rebuilding and mounting our Lofrans Manual windlass
  •    Adding inner forestay and running backstays
  •    Rebuilding Toe rails and securing hull to deck seam
  •    Painting and freshening up of all areas
  •    Dodger/sun shade for cockpit
  •    NO SAILING : (
  •    Add Boom Gallows
  •    Upgrade ground tackle
  •    Mounting chainplates for drogue
  •    Add ventilation
  •    Recondition original 4 forward opening portlights
  •    Adding heat source
  •    Build deck chocks for our dingly

Some areas that are pluses or already done:
  •    Rigging- Both standing and running rigging are only 2 yrs old
  •    Already reconditioned mast and mast hardware
  •    Head- fairly new Lavoc with a new holding tank
  •    Electronics are new and not even installed yet
  •    Own dodger 
  •    Own windlass
  •    I can do almost 99% of the work myself
  •    Save money on slip fees
  •    Build or sew a drogue
  •    Already own new ground tackle, just need to build anchor storage on Sals bow-maybe a small bowsprit.
  •    Already own  new ABI porlights
  •    Own trailer
  •    Aux power-while gas, like new including shaft, cutlass bearing and prop
  •    Have Dingy
As you can see, this list is quite extensive and lots of work will be involved. This is one reason we decided to refit her at the house. Traveling to and from the marina wasted time and fuel. I was able to purchase a trailer that I will modify for her. That project is now under way and I will be updating you all on the blog here soon.
I am also going to try to be more attentive to the blog. I am hoping that you all can provide some constructive feedback as I know some of you have experienced a refitting.
Picking up trailer and towing it home about 45 miles. She is made with 2 6,000 lb axles and 4x6 x.375 steel angle. Plenty strong to hold and carry Sals 9,000 lb bottom

I will be adding a keel support and boat stands to keep her upright. 

One other important thing to note is that we know the work involved, I have the time for such work and we have no rigid deadline. I have a goal of 12-18 months but if it takes longer so be it.

Please stay tuned and follow along!


  1. Wow....sounds like a lot of hard work snd I know youcwill accomplish this and much more..I love reading your blogs and am so very proud of everything you and crystal have u so much..let us know when she ge y s on mom..xoxo

    1. Thank you Mom...wish you guys were closer to enjoy our adventures!

  2. Quite a list. I have a refit planned myself. I am looking at hauling out in 9 months. Unfortunately, I have no place at the house to work on the boat but it'll still be closer at a storage lot.

    I always like seeing what others do to their boats so I'm looking forward to following your refit.

    1. Yea Dan it is quite a list and one that is rather well thought out, at least in my head.....I am sure it will change somewhat. I have followed other and have learned from their successes and failures. I want to make sure we don't get overwhelmed a with too much at once. We also don't want to drain the bank I will be doing 99.999% myself. Last year I started refitting vberth. That project is still unfinished because of the distance to the boat, and the fact that I want to use her while she is floating. So we decided to bring her home.
      Another reason we waited for to refit her was to wait and see what we like and what we needed to change about our Alberg's layout. One of the biggest things we like and will not change is that she is simple. While we will modernize the interior with fresh paint, new stove and LEDs...all of the systems will remain simple and manual.
      Glad you are following along and love your Nor'Sea....we have one here at our the robust saltiness of the design.