Sunday, March 10, 2013

N4WIS is on the Air

Time is chugging away, and thanks to Daylight Savings we just lost another hour. But spring is almost here, and not a moment too soon! There hasn't been any sailing on Sal in nearly 8 weeks, though we have been busy trying to make plans for a few extended trips with her this year. Before these trips can happen, a lot has to be done. We have to make our little ship habitable again by finishing the refit of our berthing area. For that to happen the weather has to be a bit warmer to complete the paint and fiberglass work. In the meantime we have been busy with a few other things we enjoy. The wife has been hard at work with her yoga teacher training. I have been busy with school and playing ham radio. This past weekend I had a chance to operate aboard the USS Wisconsin (BB-64/N4WIS) here in Norfolk. Having served in the Navy, it was very nostalgic for me, and I found that I honestly miss it more than I realized. Something about being aboard one of those ships just makes me feel like I belong there. Anyway, here are a few pics to keep you entertained.
Getting ready for the Rio 2016 Olympics...?

Sun setting on a rather chilly day

 BB-64 Berthed in Norfolk on the Elizabeth River
That bow is a long way away!

 KN4KL doing a little troubleshooting in the new Wisconsin Radio Club operating room
All bundled up as we visit Salacia on a cold and windy February day.

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