Sunday, November 11, 2012

First True Singlehand and Race! All in the Same Day

We drifted around the inlet to Little Creek waiting for another Alberg 30 to join us. We kind of just bobbed around, but it didn't matter...I was savoring my accomplishment, I was Singlehanding Sal! It sure helped that the wind was almost non existent.
This was the best shot I got of the Bristol 27, Winter Dream, as he kicked my butt!
I have been intrigued by singlehanding a larger boat for some time. I sailed an O'Day Daysailor II as a kid, singlehanding on a lake on Cape Cod but that was much different than this accomplishment. I was singlehanding my Alberg 30 out into the Chesapeake Bay. I have been testing and honing my singlehanded skills over the last few months with my wife onboard only as an observer. Today, I did it alone. It was quite a day! To top it all off, I raced another Alberg design, Bristol 27 belonging to Tom who also sails out of Little Creek. He kicked my butt! It's ok because I truly had a great time. A few times I found myself looking for the "admiral" but she wasn't there. It was a great day with great weather and I look forward to doing it again!
Returning from a great day!

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  1. The Admiral says: I'm shocked he came home after this. I figured he'd get out there and just keep going...