Sunday, September 30, 2012

Single Handed....Sort of

     Went to the boat today with the intention of starting her engine and airing her out. Weather report today was pretty crappy for sailing. I've been looking forward to going out but the wind forecast today was dismal at best. I love sailing but I have better things to do than just sit flat out in the bay. We were pleasantly surprised when we got down to Sal that there appeared to be a very nice breeze. We immediately agreed to go for an impromptu sail. We hanked on the the drifter and then I took over. I think it's called "ghost sailing". I handled the boat the whole time, from casting the lines off to docking her afterwards. First mate got to relax and hang out as I untied us and  maneuvered away from the slip. We motored out of the inlet because of the northerly wind, which was light but steady, only 2-3 knots. Once clear of the inlet I hoisted the drifter and away we went.......slowly. I was actually surprised at how well Sal went. She managed 2-2.5 knots in no more than 4.5 knots of wind. That drifter sure helps her along. We only hoisted the drifter because neither one of us wanted to hear the slapping of the main, as the bay was filled with motor boats. After a short sail we headed back in. We had gone out on a whim so we didn't have any snacks or water. We were just out there for a quickie! As we approached the inlet I turned Sal into the wind, pulled the drifter in and started the engine. While transiting back to the slip I kept running through my mind  how I would get Sal into her berth and tied off. I approached slowly and turned her as I usually did. With the bow gliding into the slip I put Old Sal in reverse to scrub the last bout of momentum, jumped onto the pier and secured the rear spring. She was secure in the slip. I admit the weather was more than forgiving today but it was still a big relief to guide her into the slip almost perfectly. The first mate was impressed. I have to say that today was a very light wind day and probably won't get many that perfect but it was a good start. If I can find some free time this week after work I may head out again.

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