Saturday, July 7, 2012


  I'm sure if you have stepped outside in the last week and you're in the US, you realize it's summer. This year has been a hot one so far. I have been reading that high temperature records have been broken everywhere across the nation. Here is no different, it has been hot and humid in the mid-atlantic. Today was too hot to go out sailing, with no breeze we would cook out there, besides sailing just isn't fun without wind! Actually without wind its pretty much just a sailboat anyway. I decided instead of sailing today I would stroll the docks and snap a few pictures before heading home and soaking up some air conditioning.

You can see from the grass it's been a hot and dry summer

There's our Sal in the distance...looking smart!

The infamous "F" Dock, trespassers will be violated....or something like that

 Little Creek inlet, boaters haven

Looking off the stern of Sal. Getting up to this view every morning when we move aboard won't be so bad!

Another view off the's a forest of masts

Another shot of the marina, showing the Navy base in the background

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